Contemporary Issues in Criminology

Golygydd(ion): Lesley Noaks Michael Levi Mike Maguire

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Dosbarthiad(au): Gwyddorau Cymdeithasol a'r Gyfraith

  • Gorffennaf 1995 · 446tudalen · 216x138mm

  • ·Clawr Meddal - 9780708312971


Part 1 Comparative criminology: policing apartheid – the discourses of the South African police, M. Brogden; the policing of culture in Trinidad and Tobago, M. Cain; in search of a third world criminology, I. Clegg and J. Whetton; comparative research in criminal justice, L. Zedner. Part 2 Criminal justice issues: inter-agency co-operation and community based crime prevention, A. Crawford and M. Jones; politics and prison management – the Northern Ireland experience, B. Gormally; fraudulent problems – antonomy and decision-making in the Serious Fraud Office, M. Levi; specialist activities in probation – confusion worse confounded, G. Mair; criminal justice cultures – negotiating bail and remand, F. Paterson and C. Whittaker; the supervision of offenders – what works?, C. Trotter. Part 3 Crime, poverty and the underclass: Criminal Justice Act 1991 – management of the underclass and the potentiality of community, S. Gardiner; criminology and the free market – theoretical and practical issues in everyday social life and everyday crime, I. Taylor. Part 4 Policing and prosecution: revising police powers – legal theories and policing practices in historical and contemporary contexts, D. Dixon; democracy, justice and the limits of policing – rethinking police accountability, I. Loader; the end of the public policing?, E. McLaughlin and K. Murji; authors meet critics – the case for the prosecution, R. Morgan.

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Mike Maguire

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