Gender and Crime

Golygydd(ion): R. Emerson Dobash Russell P. Dobash Lesley Noaks

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Astudiaethau Rhywedd

  • Gorffennaf 1995 · 438tudalen · 216x140mm

  • ·Clawr Meddal - 9780708313015


Part 1 Media representation of gender and crime: a genealogy of women’s madness – a gallery of portraits, S. Frigon; passion, marriage and murder – analyzing the press discourse, M. Wykes; sex crime in the news revisited, K. Soothill. Part 2 Men, masculinity and crime: men, violence and masculinity’s, J. Beynon and R. Thurston; a father’s “normal” love – changing discourses of paternal masculinity in law and criminology, R. Collier; an overview of community-based intervention programmes for men who are violent or abusive in the home, R. Frances. Part 3 Criminal women and violence: women offenders in the criminal justice system – making explanations, B. Naylor; confronting violence by women, M. Shaw; in the name of love – women and initiation to illicit drugs, L. Maher; child-killing by parents – social, legal and gender issues, A. Wilczynski. Part 4 Victims and gender: men and women talking about being the victims of violence, J. Owen; target women? – women’s victimization and white collar crime, H. Croall; fear of crime, children and gendered socialization, J.S. Goodey; child sexual abuse and age of consent laws – a response to some liberation argument for “sexual liberty”, A.M. Liddle; the modelling of threat incidence – evidence from the British crime survey, A. Tseloni; a victim-oriented criminal justice system, S. Walklate and R.I. Mawby. Part 5 Criminal justice responses to violence against women: preliminary findings on the role of the police in combating domestic violence, S. Wright; evaluating programmes for violent men – can violent men change?, R.E. Dobash, R.P. Dobash, R. Lewis and K. Cavanagh.

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R. Emerson Dobash

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Russell P. Dobash

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Lesley Noaks

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