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Essays on Medieval Narrative Presented to Maldwyn Mills

Golygydd(ion): Jennifer Fellows Rosalind Field Gillian Rogers Judith Weiss

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  • Rhagfyr 1996

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Biographical sketch, James Ogden; a list of the writings of Maldwyn Mills 1962-95, Desmond Slay; introduction, R.P. Field and Judy Weiss; The wars of Alexander – from reality to romance, W.R.J. Barron; the branching tree of medieval narrative – Welsh cainc and French branche, Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan; Madness in Sir Orfeo, Derek Pearsall; cloaking desire – re-reading Emare, Margaret Robson; Malory’s Mordred and the Morte Arthure, P.J.C. Field; ‘Illuminat with lawte, and with lufe lasit’ – Gawain gives Arthur a lesson in magnanimity, Gillian Rogers; No poet has his travesty alone – The Awntyrs off Arthure – jests and jousts, Rosamund Allen; the pattern of Providence in Chevelere Assigne, Diane Speed; ‘A damsell by herself alone’ – images of magic and femininity from Lanval to Sir Lambewell, Elizabeth Williams; Looking behind the book – MS Cotton Caligula A.ii, part 1, and the experiences of its texts, John J. Thompson; MS Porkington 10 and its scribes, Daniel Huws; Rate revisited – the compilation of the narrative works in MS Ashmole 61, Lynne S. Blanchfield; ‘Prenes: engre’ – an early sixteenth century presentation copy of The Erle of Tolous, Carol M. Meale; Robert Parry’s Moderatus – a study in Elizabeth romance, John Simons; Bevis redivivus – the printed editions of Sir Bevis of Hampton, Jennifer Fellows.

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