A Social History of the Cinema in Wales, 1918-1951

Pulpits, Coalpits and Fleapits

Awdur(on): Peter Miskell

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Diddordeb Cymru

  • Mai 2006 · 224tudalen · 216x138mm

  • ·Clawr Meddal - 9780708318782

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Astudiaeth gymdeithasol a diwylliannol o bwysigrwydd y sinema yn niwylliant poblogaidd Cymru rhwng 1918-1951 a’r math o ffilmiau oedd i’w gweld yn lleol. 20 llun du-a-gwyn.


"...admirably readable book...Miskell has undoubtedly provided a fascinating account that is founded upon painstaking empirical research. This book should not just be of interest to students of Welsh culture and history, but to all those that seek to make sense of the subtle patterns of difference within fractured nation states that are so relevant in an era dominated both by globalization and resurgent nationalism." Steve Blandford, Planet, Issue 181 "This is an important volume in the growing number of published studies on film and media in Wales." "...attractive volume." "This is a significant study which will no doubt be extremely useful for media researchers in Wales and beyond. It provides new and fascinating insights into cinema as an industry in Wales." "Miskell's study undoubtedly enhances our knowledge of this extremely popular pastime and industry in Wales." Gwenno Ffrancon, Swansea University, New Welsh Review, No. 75A"This is a topic of no small historical significance and Miskell has crafted a thoughtful, detailed and enjoyable book.A"Martin Johnes, Urban History, Volume 34/3

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Peter Miskell

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