Barry Island

The Making of a Seaside Playground, c.1790–c.1965

Awdur(on): Andy Croll

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Hanes

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‘A pioneering and richly documented study that challenges many of our preconceptions of the development of Barry Island and of Welsh seaside resorts in general. It tells a story that is at one and the same time more complicated than previously imagined, but also richer and more rewarding. A pleasure to read, it is a book that no historian of the British seaside, or anyone interested in how resorts developed, will want to miss.’
- Emeritus Professor Peter Borsay, Aberystwyth University

'Those of us who spent (or even misspent!) our childhoods and youth in south Wales will cherish fond memories of idyllic summer holidays and enjoyable day trips spent at Barry Island. Hitherto, rather surprisingly, no one has chronicled fully and analysed the history of the development of this favourite south Wales holiday resort. This superb, genuinely pioneering, highly readable study, certainly fills the gap, and is based on a huge amount of detailed searching through an array of national and local newspapers and other sources. Not the least attractive feature of this lovely book is the spate of beautiful illustrations and photographs lovingly and carefully selected to enhance our understanding of the themes outlined so competently in the text.'
- J. Graham Jones

'It is clear that Andy Croll is also enamoured of the place, as the book is shot through with a sense of fondness as well as the usual academic rigour and apparatus. Having myself been there every other year on Sunday school trips throughout my childhood I certainly share that fondness, as will others who read the book.'
- Jon Gower,


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Author’s Note
Chapter 1‘Much Frequented During the Bathing Season’: Barry Island and Welsh Coastal Tourism, c. 1780-c. 1860
Chapter 2‘That Favourite Place’: Cardiff’s Bathing Resort, c. 1860-1877
Chapter 3Visitors ‘Mercilessly’ Turned Away: The Island Closed, 1878-1884
Chapter 4Reclaimed, 1884-c.1890
Chapter 5An ‘El Dorado Where Soft Winds Blow’: Resort Boosterism Flourishes in the 1890s
Chapter 6‘Awake ye Sluggards!’ Resort Development Flounders, c. 1900-1914
Chapter 7‘They Sweep Down on the Place and Take Possession of It’: Trippers Triumphant, c. 1890-c. 1910
Chapter 8Barry-on-Sea? The Tripper Resort Consolidated, 1914-c.1965

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Andy Croll

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