Charles Taylor

Modernity, Freedom and Community

Awdur(on): Keith Spence

Iaith: Saesneg

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  • Ebrill 2007 · 208tudalen · 216x138mm

  • ·Clawr Caled - 9780708317914


Introduction; Introduction; Background: The intellectual and political contexts of Taylor’s work; Taylor’s project: Change and continuity; Key themes: Modernity, Freedom and Community; Part One: Modernity; I Interpreting Modernity; Modernity as a contested concept; Origins: Kant and Hegel; Contemporary assessments; Taylor, Hegel and Modernity; Conclusion: renewing modernity; II The Modern Identity: Taylor and Sources of the Self; Sources of the Self: Ambition and method; Instrumentalism and Expressivism; The conflicts of modernity: key encounters; Problems and prospects: assessing the ‘predicament of our time’; Conclusion; Part Two: Freedom; III Debating Freedom; Introduction; Berlin on Liberty; Taylor contra Berlin; Liberalism and Libertarianism; Freedom and Power; Freedom and Domination; Conclusion: the possibility of freedom; IV Freedom and Self-interpretation; Against atomism; Self-interpretation; Agency and embodiment; Strong evaluation; Interpretation and freedom; Conclusion; Part Three: Community; V Language and Community; Introduction: the liberal – communitarian debate; Language and intersubjectivity; Shared and common meanings: the constitution of community; A brief history of community; Modernity and community; Conclusion: reinterpreting community; VI Multiculturalism: Taylor and the Politics of Recognition; The malaise of modernity; Subjectivism and fragmentation; The politics of recognition; Recognition and reconciliation: the case of Canada; Diversity and its alternatives; Conclusion; Conclusion: Democracy, Pluralism and the Public Sphere; Introduction: ontology and advocacy; Democracy and freedom; Politics and deliberation; The boundaries of the public sphere; Unlocking the Iron Cage? Conclusion: modernity, freedom and community

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Keith Spence

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