Peace or Violence

The End of Religion and Education?

Golygydd(ion): Jeff Astley Leslie J. Francis Mandy Robbins

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Crefydd

Cyfres: Religion, Education and Culture

  • Gorffennaf 2007 · 192tudalen · 216x140mm

  • ·Clawr Caled - 9780708320785

Am y llyfr

Llyfr sy’n edrych ar swyddogaeth addysg grefyddol mewn byd lle mae ffactorau fel terfysgaeth wedi effeithio ar ddemocratiaeth y gorllewin. Drwy ddadansoddi a chloriannu mathau gwahanol o addysg grefyddol yn y gorllewin mae’r gyfrol yn ystyried a yw crefydd yn rhan o’r ateb, neu’n broblem ynddo’i hun.


'This book is a timely and welcome addition to the field and will be a useful addition to the libraries of academics and students who are engaged in various disciplines related to education and religious and cultural practices.'Marian de Souza, International Journal of Children's Spirituality, Nov 2009 "The essays in this volume offer a wide range of views and ideas on the issues of war, peace and their place in religious education. Anybody teaching RE, academic theologians or those with a general interest in improving interfaith dialogue will find something to interest and challenge in these essays. As such they make a useful contribution to the current debate about how to inculcate harmonious relations between those of different faiths and viewpoints.A"Keith Watson, Journal of Education and Christian Belief, Volume 12:1/Spring 2008

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Jeff Astley

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Leslie J. Francis

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Mandy Robbins

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