The Arthur of the Iberians

The Arthurian Legends in the Spanish and Portuguese Worlds

Golygydd(ion) David Hook

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Literary Criticism, Modern Languages, History

Cyfres: Arthurian Literature in the Middle Ages

  • Mehefin 2015 · 576 tudalen ·244x172mm

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Lledaenodd chwedlau’r Brenin Arthur a’r Ford Gron yn rhyngwladol yn ystod yr Oesoedd Canol cyn belled â phenrhyn Iberia, lle y cawsant gryn ddylanwad; ysbrydolwyd gweithiau llenyddol newydd hefyd gan y deunydd Arthuraidd, megis y parodïau ar ramantau am fyd y marchogion gan Cervantes yn Don Quixote. Teithiodd y deunydd Arthuraidd Sbaenaidd a Phortiwgeaidd dros y don i America ac Asia yn ystod oes yr anturio, ymhell cyn unrhyw ddeunydd Arthuraidd Saesneg.


‘This is a superb collaborative enterprise by eleven leading authorities. Ranging across the Romance languages of Iberia, including their territories overseas, and extending chronologically into the twentieth century, it takes into account the many scholarly developments and discoveries since the classic surveys by Entwistle (1925) and Lida de Malkiel (1959). The essays study in detail how the Matter of Britain spread widely in the Peninsula, shaped home-grown genres such as chivalric and sentimental romances, including Don Quixote, and even came to serve at times as a model for life in the early modern period. Edited with skill and precision by David Hook, this book will establish itself for many years to come as an invaluable resource for scholars, graduate and undergraduate students, as well as the general reader.’
-Professor Edwin Williamson, University of Oxford

‘This volume is indeed an outstanding achievement, a tour de force which has resulted in a remarkable book. Because of its ample chronological scope, and of the vast chronological period it covers, this Arthur of the Iberians is a veritable Summa Arturiana Hispanica, a research tool which will be essential to any scholar wishing to investigate the presence of Arthurian material in the Hispanic world.’
-Dr Juan-Carlos Conde, Magdalen College Oxford

‘Arthur of the Iberians marks a new stage in studies on the European reception of Arthurian legends. Drawing on the latest and most rigorous research, the volume challenges long-held assumptions about the paucity of Arthuriana in Spain and Portugal. It makes for a fascinating journey.’
-Professor Julian Weiss, King’s College London


I Arthurian Material in Iberia
Paloma Gracia
II The Surviving Peninsular Arthurian Witnesses: A Description and an Analysis
José Manuel Lucía Megías
III Arthurian Literature in Portugal
Santiago Gutiérrez García
IV The Matière de Bretagne in Galicia from the XIIth to the XVth Century
Pilar Lorenzo Gradín
V The Matière de Bretagne in the Corona de Aragón
Lourdes Soriano Robles
VI The Matter of Britain and Historical Reality
Carlos Alvar
VII The Post-Vulgate Cycle in the Iberian Peninsula
Paloma Gracia
VIII The Hispanic Versions of the Lancelot en prose: Lanzarote del Lago and Lançalot
Antonio Contreras
IX The Iberian Tristan Texts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
María Luzdivina Cuesta Torre
X Amadís de Gaula
Rafael Ramos
XI Arthur Goes Global: Arthurian Material in Hispanic and Portuguese America and Asia
David Hook
XII The Contemporary Return of the Matter of Britain to Iberian Letters (XIXth to XXth Centuries)
Juan Miguel Zarandona

Cyflwyno'r Golygydd(ion)

Mae David Hook yn Gymrawd Ymchwil yng Nghyfadran Ieithoedd Canoloesol a Modern Prifysgol Rhydychen.

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