The Enlightenment in Iberia and Ibero-America

Awdur(on): Brian Hamnett

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Hanes

Cyfres: Iberian and Latin American Studies

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‘This book draws an intricate and detailed picture of a world that is changing and how that change became possible … Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the Wars of Independence, the creation of nations and the way in which ideas develop and interact with people.’
-Dr Natalia Sobrevilla Perea, University of Kent

‘In this lucid, thorough, and absorbing reappraisal of the Enlightenment in the Iberian monarchies and their American dominions, Brian Hamnett reveals its diverse variants, intellectual genealogies and political dimensions. An essential introduction to the many-sided Enlightenment of the Spanish and Portuguese worlds, and an important contribution to the comparative study of the Enlightenment more generally.’
-Emeritus Professor Anthony McFarlane, University of Warwick

‘The author offers penetrating insights into the Enlightenment in Portugal, Spain and their Atlantic Empires, transcending the artificial Europe-America divide as well as the arbitrary separation of the Lusophone and Hispanophone intellectual worlds. The result is an original analysis of the Enlightenment and the way that enlightened political and economic ideas infused the governmental reform programs undertaken in the Spanish and Portuguese empires in the second half of the eighteenth century.’
-Professor Gabriel Paquette, Johns Hopkins University

' The Enlightenment in Iberia and Ibero-America will be of interest to scholars of Spanish America and the transatlantic eighteenth century working in history and cultural studies,
and an essential introduction for students embarking on the study of the Enlightenment in its many different forms.'
- Bulletin of Spanish Studies and Bulletin of Spanish Visual Studies

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Brian Hamnett

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