The Tlatelolco Massacre, Mexico 1968, and the Emotional Triangle of Anger, Grief and Shame

Discourses of Truth(s)

Awdur(on): Victoria Carpenter

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Hanes

Cyfres: Iberian and Latin American Studies

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‘The 2 October 1968 massacre in Tlatelolco (the Plaza de la Tres
Culturas) was a loss of innocence for the Mexican national imaginary.
The sustained act of state terrorism shattered forever the myth of a
benevolent socially and culturally stable society. Mexico has been
coming to terms ever since with the aftermath of that event. Cultural and literary histories have generally adhered to versions provided by anti-establishment sources. The enormous value of Carpenter’s examination of pertinent textual production is the careful attention paid to the voices of the defenders of the State, with the result that she has provided a far more nuanced account than we are used to studying.’
-Professor David William Foster, Arizona State University


Introduction: ‘2 October Is Not Forgotten’
‘And All This Happened to Us’: Events of the Night of 2 October in the State and Public Discourses
Affect and Reason: Analysis of the Massacre in the State and Public Discourses
‘Unfortunate and Sad Fate’: Emotional Reaction to the Massacre in the State and Public Discourses
Conclusion: The Symbolic Value of ‘2 October’ Is Not Forgotten
List of Tables
Table 1. Points of agreement, contention and grey areas in the state discourse (Ch. 2)
Table 2. Points of agreement, contention and grey areas in the public discourse. (Ch. 2)
Table 3. Archive components and associated emotions. (Ch. 5)

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Victoria Carpenter

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