Carmen Martín Gaite

Poetics, Visual Elements and Space

Awdur(on): Ester Bautista Botello

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Beirniadaeth Lenyddol

Cyfres: Iberian and Latin American Studies

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‘Through the lens of geographical space (interior, exterior, urban, domestic, visual – physical places as well as the worlds of dream, fantasy and memory), Ester Bautista Botello studies Carmen Martín Gaite’s ample production in order to discern a poetics of space in her work, what Martín Gaite might see as “the journey as the centre of all storytelling”. She draws not only from the author’s narrative fictions, but also from her musings on the process of writing (articles, lectures, and collections). Well documented and thoughtfully constructed, this book offers a new way for readers of one of Spain’s foremost twentieth-century writers to approach (or discover) her important work.’
-Emeritus Professor David T. Gies, University of Virginia


Series Editors’ Foreword
List of figures Introduction
The Historical, Narrative and Poetic Path of Carmen Martín Gaite
The Poetics of Carmen Martín Gaite
The Construction of Space
Visual Elements in the Narrative of Martín Gaite

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Ester Bautista Botello

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