Celtic Hagiography and Saints’ Cults

Golygydd(ion): Jane Cartwright

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Crefydd

  • Ionawr 2003 · 339tudalen · 220x138mm

  • ·Clawr Caled - 9780708317501


" ... informative and stimulating." Orthodox News " ... a lively read ... an exceptionally informative and well-researched collection of essays, thoroughly to be recommended." Planet "...Throughout the writing is lively and highly readable; each of the fifteen studies, as well as the editor's excellently clear introduction help to make up a fascinating and informative whole." Studia Celtica 'The Editor is to be congratulated on assembling a varied and interesting collection of papers that adds significantly to our understanding of devotion to saints in the Celtic countries and hence also has much to offer those interested in hagiography and saints' cults more generally. The consolidated list of works cited...further enhances the volume's utility.' Archaeologia Cambrensis "This book provides an invaluable insight into the world of Celtic hagiography, but is most remarkable in its tightly packed information in a highly readable form." Michael Collins, Recensioni


Jane Cartwright – Introduction (University of Wales, Lampeter); J. Wyn Evans – St David and St David’s site and buildings – Some observations on the Cult (Trinity College, Carmarthen); Elissa R. Henken – Welsh hagiography and the nationalist impulse (University of Georgia); Nerys Ann Jones, (University of Edinburgh) and Morfydd E. Owen (University of Wales, Aberystwyth) – Twelfth-century Welsh hagiography – the Gogynfeirdd poems to saints Jane Cartwright – The harlot and the hostess – a preliminary study of the Middle Welsh Lives of Mary Magdalene and her sister Martha (University of Wales, Lampeter); John T. Koch – The early chronology for St Patrick (c.351-c.428); – some new ideas and possibilities (University of Wales, Aberystwyth); Thomas O’Loughlin – The Reading of Muirchu’s tara-event within its background as a biblical ‘trial of divinities’ (University of Wales, Lampeter); Dorothy Ann Bray – Miracles and wonders in the composition of the Lives of the early Irish saints (McGill University, Canada); T. M. Charles-Edwards – The Northern Lectionary – A Source for the Codex Salmanticensis? (University of Oxford); Jonathan M. Wooding – Fasting, flesh and the body in the St Brendan dossier (University of Wales, Lampeter); Bernard Merdrignac – The process and significance of Breton hagiography (University of Rennes, Brittany); Mary-Ann Constantine – Saints behaving badly – sanctity and transgression in Breton popular culture (University of Wales, Aberystwyth); Thomas Owen Clancy – Magpie hagiography in twelfth-century Scotland – the case of Libellus de nativitate Sancti Cuthberti (University of Glasgow); Penelope Dransart – Saints, stones and shrines – the cults of Sts Moluag and Gerardine in Pictland (University of Wales, Lampeter); Joanna Mattingly – Pre-Reformation saints’ cults in Cornwall – with particular reference to the St Neot windows (King’s and Goldsmith’s Colleges, University of London); Karen Jankulak – Alba Longa in the Celtic Regions? Swine, saints and Celtic hagiography (University of Wales, Lampeter);

Cyflwyno'r Golygydd(ion)

Jane Cartwright

Mae Jane Cartwright yn Athro yn y Gymraeg ym Mhrifysgol Cymru y Drindod Dewi Sant. Mae hi wedi cyhoeddi’n eang ar gyltiau a buchedd y saint.

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