Child Poverty in Wales

Exploring the Challenges for Schooling Future Generations

Golygydd(ion) Lori Beckett

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Social Policy and Law, Politics

  • Gorffennaf 2023 · 264 tudalen ·216x138mm

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This edited book is about child poverty in Wales, specifically in a local school-community that identified its causes and effects, the challenges it poses for schooling future generations, and a series of local solutions that personify Wales’s devolved governments’ social democratic social imaginary. These responses all markedly contrast those of conservative UK Westminster governments espousing neoliberal logics for a global economy in consecutive prime ministers’ hallmark policies – Thatcher’s de-industrialisation, Cameron’s austerity, Johnson’s Brexit and Global Britain agenda, Truss’s Net Zero agenda, and Sunak’s new economic agenda in an effort to reunite the Conservative Party and win back public as well as business confidence. These policy agendas are invariably policy failures that play out for children and young people in their lived experiences of poverty and inequalities, and that find expression in social emergencies and humanitarian disasters apropos the cost of living crises, for example, as documented in this volume.


Foreword by Ruth Lupton (University of Manchester)
Editor’s Introduction
‘The little case that can’ conjoin the local & national to address child poverty
by Lori Beckett (Bangor University)
Chapter 1 Children First – A place-based approach to addressing poverty & inequalities by Caryl Lewis (cwmniCELyn)
Chapter 2 A Balancing Act: juggling school policies in a community with unmet needsby Angharad Evans (Ysgol Trem y Mynydd)
Chapter 3 An ‘open door’ school policy for resident families: croeso/welcome! by Dafydd Jones (Ysgol Trem y Mynydd)
Chapter 4 Hungry kids: families’ food insecurity further exposed by the pandemic by Jess Mead Sylvester (Mantell Gwynydd) & Paul Joslin (Wild Elements)
Chapter 5 Pride is key: the built environment, social housing and fuel poverty by Dylan Fernley (Gwynedd Council), Pete Whitby (local resident) and Grant Peisley (Datblygiadau Egni Gwledig)
Chapter 6 It takes a Village’ to realise school-community development by Gwen Thirsk (Swydddog Buddsoddi Lleol)
Chapter 7 Lyricism & hip hop to counter miseducation in a school-community in poverty by Owen Maclean & Martin Daws (Letters Grow Project)
Chapter 8 Outdoor learning: addressing student alienation & disengagement by building social capital by Graham French (Bangor University) with Claudia Howard (Wild Elements)
Chapter 9 Collaborative school improvement: Developing research-informed support for social justice by Richard Watkins (GwE)
Chapter 10 School Heads: Enacting school-community development in response to child poverty by Eithne Hughes (Association of School & College Leaders, Cymru)
Chapter 11 The consequences of child poverty and inequalities for future generations by Sue Whatman (Griffith University)
Chapter 12 Towards a critical understanding of Wales’ present for future generations by Lori Beckett, Graham French, Carl Hughes (Bangor University) and Gwen Thirsk (Swydddog Buddsoddi Lleol)
Compound List of References
Appendices #1-#8

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