Crime, Courts and Community in Mid-Victorian Wales

Montgomeryshire, People and Places

Awdur(on): Rachael Jones

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Cymreig a Cheltaidd Hanes Diddordeb Cymru

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‘The economic, social, religious and linguistic tensions of nineteenth- century Montgomeryshire provide the fascinating context for this investigation of how justice was administered at local level when the legal system itself was being reformed. This book admirably complements existing studies of crime and criminality in Wales, contributing significantly to our knowledge of the kinds of people involved.’
-Professor Thomas Glyn Watkin, Wales Legislative Counsel 2007–10

‘Welsh criminal history is under-researched, and Crime, Courts and Community in Mid-Victorian Wales opens a new window onto the experiences of the people of Montgomeryshire. In doing so, it uncovers the complex relationship between authority and the powerless in the mid-nineteenth-century.’
-Professor Barry Godfrey, Liverpool University

‘This book is original in its attention to landscape – the role of rural and urban terrain in crime and justice – in its discussion of women and crime, in its knowledge of all layers of the criminal justice system, and in its highlighting of the personalities involved in the criminal justice system. Victorian Montgomeryshire in these pages comes to life as lived experience.’
-Professor K. D. M. Snell, University of Leicester


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1 Montgomeryshire
2 The legal system
3 Montgomeryshire Constabulary
4 Petty sessions
5 Quarter sessions
6 Assizes
7 Theft offences
8 Vice

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