Studies in Cultural Euro-Welshness, 1850–1980

Awdur(on): M. Wynn Thomas

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Beirniadaeth Lenyddol

Cyfres: Writing Wales in English

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‘An encyclopaedic knowledge of Welsh intellectual life since 1850 informs this account of the visions of Europe – from radical right to Gramscian left – found in the work of leading writers. Beyond internal differences, it detects a common strategy for survival and a persisting need to place ourselves within Europe.’
-Ned Thomas, founder of Planet: The Welsh Internationalist

‘Eutopia is a magisterial survey of the European dimension of Welsh literature over centuries. It traces the different European influences on Welsh writers and the intrinsic internationalism of Wales, not contradicted by a passion for the nation and its languages. It illuminates Welsh history throughout the better to help us understand ourselves – and it shamed my ignorance of so many things that I wish I had known and understood.’
-Sir Emyr Jones Parry, former Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the United Nations

‘A brimming, generous book ... It will be difficult now for anyone to approach any aspect of Welsh culture having read it without hearing a still small voice whispering, “Yes, but what about Europe?”’
-Dr Robin Chapman, Aberystwyth University


Series Editors’ Preface
1 The Europe of Welsh Nonconformity
2 The Welsh Whig Version of Europe
3 The Little Five-Foot-Five Nations
4 The Europe of the Cultural Right
5 From Spain to Scandinavia
6 Europe, West to East
7 The Female Europa, the Rhondda Europeans and Welsh Symbolism
8 Surrealism, the War and After
9 Onwards Towards Union

Cyflwyno'r Awdur(on)

M. Wynn Thomas

M. Wynn Thomas is Professor of English and Emyr Humphreys Professor of Welsh Writing in English at Swansea University.

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