Frank Lloyd Wright

The Architecture of Defiance

Awdur(on) Jonathan Adams

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Art and Music

Cyfres: Architecture of Wales

  • Medi 2022 · 408 tudalen ·25.5 x 22.8mm

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Am y llyfr

The story of Frank Lloyd Wright’s life is no less astounding than his greatest architectural works. He enmeshed himself eagerly in myth and hearsay, and revelled in the extravagance of his creative persona. Throughout his long career, Wright strongly resisted the suggestion that his accomplishments owed anything to earthly influences. As much as he wanted his achievements to be recognised, he wanted them to be unaccountable – but they are not. This book reveals for the first time how his unbreakable self-belief and startling creative defiance both originated in the liberal religious and philosophical attitudes woven into his personality during his childhood – deliberately so by his mother and by his many aunts and uncles, to honour the fierce Welsh radicalism of their ancestors.


‘This ground-breaking study brilliantly illuminates the important Welsh dimensions of Wright's life and work. The dramatic disclosures about his mother radically reorientate our understanding of his gifts and accomplishments.’
Professor M. Wynn Thomas, FBA, FLSW, Professor of English and Emyr Humphreys Professor of Welsh Writing in English, Swansea University


Family Tree: Significant Ancestors of Frank Lloyd Wright
Part 1 The Church in the Wilderness
Chapter 1 A Rural Enlightenment
Chapter 2 Bards of Liberty
Chapter 3 Remittance
Part 2 Lloyd Jones
Chapter 4 Lessons in the Land of the Free
Chapter 5 The Valley
Chapter 6 Anna had Chosen an Englishman
Chapter 7 A Child’s Garden
Chapter 8 The Book of Creation
Part 3 Lloyd Wright
Chapter 9 The Grammar of Ornament
Chapter 10 Simplicity and Repose
Chapter 11 Spoiled First by Birth
Chapter 12 Art and Craft of the Machine
Chapter 13 The Protestant
Chapter 14 The Shape-Shifter
Chapter 15 The Genius
Chapter 16 The Unitarian
Chapter 17 The Welshman
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