Gender and Social Justice in Wales

Golygydd(ion): Nickie Charles Charlotte Aull Davies

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Astudiaethau Rhywedd Gwyddorau Cymdeithasol a'r Gyfraith Diddordeb Cymru

Cyfres: Gender Studies In Wales

  • Mehefin 2010 · 224tudalen · 216x138mm

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"This is an excellent collection of analytical essays. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the outcomes of the first decade of devolution. Has a Welsh Assembly Government committed to social justice in Wales been able to deliver? The fascinating research reported on in this book has many of the answers."--Teresa Rees, Cardiff University


Part I: Gender, political representation and social justice Chapter 1. Setting the scene: devolution, gender politics and social justice, Nickie Charles Chapter 2. Gender mainstreaming and public policy in post-devolution Wales, Paul Chaney Chapter 3. Gender and political representation: views from the grassroots, Sandra Betts, Bangor University Part II: Social justice for women? Chapter 4. Devolution, gender and childcare: a distinctive agenda for Wales? Wendy Ball, Swansea University Chapter 5. Developing a domestic abuse strategy, Nickie Charles and Stephanie Jones, International College Wales Swansea Chapter 6. Mainstreaming Across the Equality Dimensions: Policy on Sexual Orientation in Wales, Alison Parken, Cardiff University Chapter 7. Making the world new for them: an exploration of women in power in the post-devolution Welsh education system, Sue Sanders, Chapter 8. Gendering housing policy, Susan Hutson and Tamsin Stirling Chapter 9. The material resources of older women in Wales and WAG policy responses, Vanessa Burholt, Swansea University Chapter 10. Devolution and Welsh language policy: a gender dimension? Charlotte Aull Davies Chapter 11. The future, Nickie Charles and Charlotte Aull Davies

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