Global TV Horror

Golygydd(ion): Stacey Abbott Lorna Jowett

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Cyfres: Horror Studies

  • Mawrth 2021 · 272tudalen · 216x138mm

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‘And now the streaming starts! In recent years the Horror genre has come into its own, finally unfettered, in the televisual landscape. In this fascinating study, noted academics explore that landscape in forensic detail as the old broadcaster prejudices fall away and cultural borders are broken down, creating new, international relevance for the bloody, the bold and the terrifying.’
-Stephen Volk, creator/writer of TV’s Ghostwatch and Afterlife, author of Coffinmaker’s Blues: Collected Writings on Terror

‘This timely new collection, truly global in its scope, gets to grips with the exponential spread of Horror across a wide variety of channels, national television networks and platforms. The recently-held belief in the incompatibility of Horror and television seems hard to imagine now, which is precisely why this collection of essays is so necessary. Abbott and Jowett’s introduction to the book is written with their characteristic clarity, and they have collected here the work of both senior figures from Horror Studies and many of the field’s most exciting new scholars.’
-Professor Helen Wheatley, University of Warwick


Stacey Abbott and Lorna Jowett – Taking Over the Whole World: Global TV Horror, Then and Now
Simon Bacon – ‘Real’ Iranian Vampires: Television versus the Big Screen
Mark Fryers – ‘It’s not ghosts, it’s history’: The Sonic Tradition of British Horror Television
Rebecca Janicker – Terror Australis: The Wilderness Myth in TV’s Wolf Creek
Fernando Pagnoni Berns – Stories to Make You Think: The Horror of Daily Life under Francisco Franco’s Regime in Historias para No Dormir
Laura Cánepa, Leandro Caraça and Lúcio Reis-Filho – Sleep, little baby. Cuca is coming for you. Mom went to the field, and Dad is working too: the witch Cuca in the Brazilian folklore and television
Jonas Green – Beyond the Masochistic Pleasure Principle: The Subtle Gore of Les revenants.
Cat Lester – Giving Kids Goosebumps: Uncanny Aesthetics, Cyclic Structures and Anti-didacticism in Children’s Horror Anthologies Series
Lorna Piatti-Farnell – As Raw as Flesh: Consuming Humans in TV Horror
Stella Gaynor – Driving Industrial Innovation: Fox International Channels and the Global Appeal of The Walking Dead
Andreas Halskov – Staking Claims or Sucking Up: Heartless, Nordic Twilight and the Cross-Pollination of Danish and American TV Drama
Charlotte Stevens – Video Game to Streaming Series: The Case of Castlevania on Netflix
James Rendell – Tracing Terror-Bytes: Ring: Saishusho as Japanese TV Horror, Online Transcultural J-Horror Fan Object, and Digital Only-Click Television
Conclusion – Transnationalism and TV Horror Fandom: A Conversation with Iain Robert Smith and Miranda Ruth Larsen
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