Gothic Chapbooks, Bluebooks and Shilling Shockers, 1797–1830

Awdur(on): Franz J. Potter

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Beirniadaeth Lenyddol

Cyfres: Gothic Literary Studies

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‘Chapbooks represent, undeservedly, one of the least-studied aspects of the Gothic. Potter’s meticulous scholarship addresses this situation, providing not merely an authoritative introduction to these ephemeral pamphlets and their relationship to mainstream Gothic, but also lucid insight into the complexities of their authorship, publishing and circulation. Clearly written and beautifully illustrated, this book will set the standard for future scholars.’
-ProfessorWilliam Hughes, University of Macau


List of Illustrations
1Chapbooks, Bluebooks and Shilling Shockers
2The Rise of the Gothic Chapbook: Simon Fisher, Thomas Hurst and The Monk, 1797–1801
3The Art of Marketing: Ann Lemoine and John Roe
4The Golden Age of the Shilling Shocker: Thomas Tegg and the Chapbook Magazines
5The Profiteers: Isaac Crookenden and Sarah Wilkinson
6The Decline of the Gothic Pamphlet
Appendix: Gothic Pamphlets

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Franz J. Potter

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