Hegel and Marx

After the Fall of Communism

Awdur(on): David MacGregor

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Gwleidyddiaeth

Cyfres: Political Philosophy Now

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Mae’r Ail Argraffiad o Hegel and Marx After the Fall of Communism yn disgrifio’r cysylltiad agos rhwng Hegel a’r economegydd byd-enwog Friedrich List, gelyn cydnabyddedig Karl Marx. Mae’r diweddglo i’r argraffiad hwn yn edrych ar adfywiad Rwsia fel pŵer byd eang dan Vladimir Putin, ac ymdrechion uchelgeisiol Tsieina i ddatblygu’n economaidd sy’n ymdebygu i weledigaeth Sun Yat-sen o Ddatblygiad Rhyngwladol Tsieina.


‘David MacGregor challenges us to re-think the place we have given to Hegel and Marx in the social theory of a so-called “post-communist” world. In a jolting and lucid argument, MacGregor re-casts the relationship between these two thinkers within a framework that is deeply committed to a critique of everyday forms of domination. In doing so, MacGregor reveals Hegel and Marx to be superbly relevant and profound for an analysis of the practices of the “new economy”.’
–Joe Hermer, Wolfson College, Oxford

‘MacGregor illustrates the continuing relevance of Marx and even more importantly, Hegel, for comprehending and combating a rapacious free market global capitalism … Scholarly exegesis is excitingly combined with biography and a critical assessment of debates, both in Hegel's and Marx's time and since … This is an accessible, thought-provoking account that will serve as an excellent introduction for students and demand a response from Hegel-Marx scholars.’
–Political Studies


Preface Introduction 1 Marx’s Relationship with Hegel 2 Dialectics of Youth and Maturity 3 Hegel’s Development, 1770-1801 4 Hegel and Tom Paine in the Age of Revolution 5 Revolution, Despotism and Censorship, 1801-1831 6 Property and the Corporation 7 Labour and Civil Society 8 The State in Time Notes Index Afterword Bibliography

Cyflwyno'r Awdur(on)

David MacGregor

Mae David MacGregor yn Athro mewn Cymdeithaseg yng Ngholeg y Brenin, rhan o Brifysgol Gorllewin Ontario yng Nghanada.

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