Hermaphroditism, Medical Science and Sexual Identity in Spain, 1850–1960

Awdur(on) Richard Cleminson,Francisco García

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Gender Studies, Modern Languages, History

Cyfres: Iberian and Latin American Studies

  • Hydref 2009 · 288 tudalen ·216x138mm

  • · Clawr Caled - 9780708322048
  • · eLyfr - pdf - 9780708322796
  • · eLyfr - epub - 9781783163793

Am y llyfr

Dyma'r llyfr Saesneg cyntaf i ddadansoddi'r categori meddygol 'hermaphroditistiaeth' yn Sbaen yn ystod y cyfnod 1850-1960. Mae'n ceisio dangos sut y mae'r berthynas rhwng y corff gwrywaidd a benywaidd, 'rhyw' biolegol, cenedl a rhywioldeb yn newid yn gyson yng ngoleuni dylanwadau meddygol, cyfreithiol a chymdeithasol.


"This is a fascinating exploration of the changing shapes of hermaphroditism and intersexuality in Spain's journey through modernity, accessible to readers a cross a wide range of interests and disciplines. Lucidly and knowledgeably written, the book takes the reader through a story of shifting categories, intense personal struggles, the complex and endlessly revealing processes of 'sex determination' by specialists and the construction of discourses, social and professional. Alive to the linkages between science, medicine, society, and culture, it gradually reveals a distinctive dialogue between Spanish and international scientific ideas about sex, gender, and the body. Patients, experts, and institutions alike are given a voice: some of the famous--such as Gregorio Maranon--are listened to with renewed interest and wariness of currently accepted views on them: others are heard and their experiences assessed for the first time here."--Chris Perriam, Manchester University

Cyflwyno'r Awdur(on)

Mae Dr. Richard Cleminson yn Uwch Ddarlithydd mewn Sbaeneg ym Mhrifysgol Leeds. Mae Francisco Vazquez Garcia yn Athro mewn Athroniaeth ym Mhrifysgol Cadiz.

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