Kant and the Theory and Practice of International Right

Awdur(on) Georg Cavallar

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): History

Cyfres: Political Philosophy Now

  • Mawrth 2020 · 288 tudalen ·216x138mm

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Astudiaeth gynhwysfawr o'r modd y mae theorïau gwleidyddol Immanuel Kant yngl?n â pherthynas ryngwladol, sydd wedi eu seilio ar y cysyniadau cyffredinol o hawliau, urddas a rhyddid dynol, yn cynnig fframwaith ymarferol ddibynadwy.


'...this is the most thorough account of Kant's international political theory that I have read and helps to make sense of what is a notoriously problematic aspect of Kant's practical philosophy.' Political Studies

‘This is the definitive source on Kant’s international relations theory and it has played a significant role in informing my own thinking. Updated and expanded, this new edition adds considerable material to an already powerful first edition, including an expanded analysis of Kant’s practical politics, his thinking in response to his contemporaries, key political and legal methodological considerations, and how Kant might be best understood within modern global debates.’
-Professor Garrett Wallace Brown, University of Leeds

‘Georg Cavallar’s new book is a skilful and sophisticated linking of Kant’s theory to humanitarian intervention, democracy and peace, cosmopolitanism and patriotism, among other topics. An original argument is refined by a serious and impressive engagement with two decades of debate framed by the book’s first appearance in 1999.’
-Professor Antonio Franceschet, University of Calgary

‘When the first edition of this book came out just over two decades ago it quickly became a must-read for anyone who was interested in Kant’s ideas about the theory and practice of international relations. This new edition brings it up to date, and adds material that will make it a necessary reference in the decades to come.’
-Professor John Christian Laursen, University of California, Riverside

Why we need Kant in our international debates on pandemics and climate change.
‘Kant is a case in point. His moral, political and international theory is food for our thought. He offers basic principles, and we cannot do without them.’
Read about Kant and the Theory and Practice of International Right on page 3 of Booklaunch https://bit.ly/3g8mudZ


Introduction: Mediating Between Pure Reason and Practice
The Contemporary Context: Kant’s Judgement on Frederick’s Enlightened Absolutism
Kantian International Right: Background and Paradigm Shift
Judging War
Does Republicanism Promote Peace?
Non-intervention, Humanitarian Intervention and Failed States
Conflicts in Kant’s Account of the Right to Go to War
The Unjust Enemy
Kant’s Society of Nations: Free Federation or World Republic?
Moving Beyond Nationalism: Constitutional
Patriotism and Cosmopolitan Enthusiasm in Kant
Conclusion: A Theory for our Times

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Mae Dr Georg Cavallar yn addysgwr ac yn ddarlithydd yn adrannau Athroniaeth a Gwyddoniaeth Addysgol Prifysgol Fienna.

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