Kant’s Critique of Hobbes

Sovereignty and Cosmopolitanism

Awdur(on): Howard Williams

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Athroniaeth

Cyfres: Political Philosophy Now

  • Gorffennaf 2003 · 208tudalen · 220x138mm

  • ·Clawr Meddal - 9780708318140


'Williams' short book offers an extremely readable, carefully conceived, and often insightful comparative analysis of Hobbes's and Kant's political thought. The book should be especially welcome to those who are new to Kant's political writings...' (History of Political Thought, Vol XXV, No. 4, Winter 2004)


1. Introduction: Kant and Hobbes; 2. Revolution and Civil War in Kant and Hobbes; 3. Christian Garve, Kant and the German Enlightenment; 4. Liberty in Kant and Hobbes; 5. Hobbesian equality and Kant’s theory of equality; 6. Independence and Citizenship in Kant and Hobbes; 7. Political Change in Kant; 8. Perpetual Peace as a Response to Hobbes’s political philosophy; 9. Conclusion

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Howard Williams

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