Kant’s Doctrine of Right in the Twenty-first Century

Golygydd(ion): Larry Krasnoff Nuria Sánchez Madrid Paula Satne

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Cyfres: Political Philosophy Now

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‘The most important advances in Kant scholarship often appear as collections of essays; this essential volume on Kant’s Doctrine of Right and twenty-first-century political philosophy is no exception. In good Kantian fashion, the essays apply cutting-edge scholarship to produce pairs of contrasting answers to key questions in political philosophy.’

-Professor Elisabeth Ellis, University of Otago

‘This collection of essays evidences the exciting capacity of Kant’s thought to continue opening new spaces for reflection within the most pressing contemporary debates. The essays within this volume demonstrate that Kant’s much-neglected Doctrine of Right stands alongside Rawls’s Theory of Justice and Darwall’s Welfare and Rational Care in its capacity to challenge our contemporary individualism and prompt us to search for a more expansive, socially responsible political theory.’
– Dr Andrew Cooper, Durham University


Introduction – Larry Krasnoff, Nuria Sánchez Madrid and Paula Satne
1 The Originality of Kant’s Social Contract Theory – Macarena Marey
2 Private Property and the Possibility of Consent: Kant and Social Contract Theory – Alice Pinheiro Walla
3 Judging Rights by Their Duties: A Kantian Perspective on Human Rights – Eric Boot
4 The Proper Task of Kantian Politics: The Relationship between Politics and Happiness – Masataka Oki
5 Kant on Poverty and Welfare: Social Demands and Juridical Goals in Kant’s Doctrine of Right – Nuria Sánchez Madrid
6 On the (Supposed) Distinction Between Classical and Welfare Liberalism: Lessons from the Doctrine of Right – Larry Krasnoff
7 Resistance and Reform in Kant’s Doctrine of Right – Wendy Brockie
8 Civil Disobedience: Towards a New Kantian Conception – Alyssa R. Bernstein
9 Kantian Insights on the Moral Personality of the State – Milla Emilia Vaha
10 Kant’s Guarantee for Perpetual Peace: A Reinterpretation and Defence – Sorin Baiasu
11 Forgiveness and Punishment in Kant’s Moral System – Paula Satne
12 A Universal Estate: On Kant and Marriage Equality – Jordan Pascoe

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