Legislating for Wales

Awdur(on) Thomas Watkin,Daniel Greenberg

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Social Policy and Law, Welsh Interest, Politics

Cyfres: The Public Law of Wales

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Prior to the start of the twenty-first century, laws were made for Wales by the Parliament at Westminster. Devolution, and the creation of the National Assembly, has given Wales another legislature that does not replace the UK Parliament but shares in its law-making activity regarding certain subjects. This book considers how legislation is made for Wales; its primary focus is law-making by the National Assembly and the Welsh Government, but the role of Westminster and Whitehall is also observed. The purpose of this volume is to raise a critical awareness of what is involved in sound law-making – it is intended not only for those who prepare and make legislation within the institutions of government, but equally also for the citizens whose lives are affected by that legislation, and who have an interest in the quality of the laws that govern them and the society in which they live. This is the first such work to consider these issues from a Welsh perspective.


‘This volume is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the fundamental changes devolution has brought to the governance of Wales, and in particular how Welsh Government and the National Assembly came to be defined as a permanent part of the constitutional arrangements of the UK.’
-Lord Elis-Thomas, First Presiding Officer of the National Assembly

‘Authoritative, clear and engaging, Legislating for Wales is a true milestone in the development of public law in Wales. Giving an unrivalled view of contemporary legislative behaviour in a young representative institution, it deserves to be widely read not only in but also outside Wales.’
-Professor Richard Rawlings, UCL

‘As we approach the twentieth anniversary of devolution, Legislating for Wales will stand as a sparkling contribution to the understanding of the National Assembly. Both Thomas Glyn Watkin and Daniel Greenberg believe that citizens should have meaningful access to the law, and in this book we are blessed with two masterful guides.’
-David Melding, former Deputy Presiding Officer (2011–16)

‘This book is an invaluable resource from one of Wales’s pre-eminent constitutional experts and an expert Parliamentary lawyer at a time of unprecedented constitutional flux. It will serve legislators and citizens alike, and provides a comprehensive overview of the process of the development of law in Wales.’
-Eluned Morgan AM

‘As Wales starts to establish its own legal jurisdiction and embraces the process of codification, this is an invaluable and essential publication for all who want to understand, teach, practice and access Welsh law.’
-Mick Antoniw AM


Series Preface
Table of Cases
Table of Assembly Measures
Table of Assembly Acts
Table of Assembly Bills
Table of United Kingdom Acts
Table of Statutory Instruments
Table of Standing Orders of the National Assembly for Wales

1. Legislation and Legislatures
2. From Ideas to Policy
3. From Policy to Proposal
4. The National Assembly for Wales: Competence and Constraints
5. People and Preparation
6. From Proposals to Provisions
7. Process and Promulgation
8. Implementation and Interpretation
9. Other Legislatures and Their Legislative Processes

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Awdur(on): Thomas Watkin

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