Mapping the Medieval City

Space, Place and Identity in Chester C.1200-1600

Awdur(on) Catherine Clarke

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): History

Cyfres: Religion and Culture in the Middle Ages

  • Mai 2011 · 304 tudalen ·216x138mm

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Cyfrol sy'n edrych ar ddinas Caer fel dinas ganoloesol. Mae'n cwmpasu sawl agwedd, gan gynnwys astudiaethau llenyddol, hanes, daearyddiaeth ac archaeoleg.


"Catherine Clarke's marvellous edited anthology, Mapping the Medieval City, offers a fascinating account of what maps, chronicles, literary texts, and other sources tell us about the multiple and shifting meanings of Chester from c1200-1500. The volume's twelve learned and lucid essays are a must read for anyone interested in not only the particular case of medieval Chester but also, more generally, the history of the city." Kathy Lavezzo, Associate Professor of English, University of Iowa "Few material phenomena are as complex as the city. In its border location, the changing form of Chester dramatically reflects the vicissitudes of military, political, and economic fortune, and social difference and conflict within. This book is a model of multidisciplinary coherency, with a diverse collection of intelligent and thoughtful papers that not only reveal how medieval men and women in Chester made sense of their habitat for themselves, but at the same time map the solid, autonomous reality of the place." --John Hines, Cardiff University


ntroduction: Medieval Chester: Views from the Walls Catherine A.M. Clarke 1. Urban mappings: Visualizing Late Medieval Chester in Cartographic and Textual Form Keith D. Lilley 2. Framing Medieval Chester: the Landscape of Urban Boundaries C.P. Lewis 3. St Werburgh's, St John's and the Liber Luciani De Laude Cestrie John Doran 4. The Spatial Hermeneutics of Lucian's De Laude Cestrie Mark Faulkner 5. '3e beoo pe ancren of Englond ... a pah 3e weren an cuuent of ... Chester': Liminal Spaces and the Anchoritic life in Medieval Chester Liz Herbert McAvoy 6. Sanctity and the City: Sacred Space in Henry Bradshaw's Life of St Werburge Laura Varnam 7. Plotting Chester on the National Map: Richard Pynson's 1521 printing of Henry Bradshaw's Life of Saint Werburge Cynthia Turner Camp 8. The Outside Within: Medieval Chester and North Wales as a Social Space Helen Fulton 9. Mapping the Migrants: Welsh, Manx and Irish Settlers in fifteenth-century Chester Jane Laughton 10. Leeks for Livery: Consuming Welsh Difference in the Chester Shepherds' Play Robert W. Barrett, Jnr 11. Remembering Anglo-Saxon Mercia in late-medieval and early-modern Chester Catherine A.M. Clarke

Cyflwyno'r Awdur(on)

Awdur(on): Catherine Clarke

Mae Catherine A.M. Clarke yn Athro yn yr Adran Saesneg ym Mhrifysgol Southampton.

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