Rural Wales

Community and Marginalization

Awdur(on) Paul Cloke, Mark Goodwin, Paul Milbourne

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Welsh Interest

  • Gorffennaf 1997 · 200 tudalen ·216x138mm

  • · Clawr Meddal - 9780708313657

Am y llyfr

Between 1990 and 1993 the authors worked together on a research project based at University of Wales, Lampeter. The report was commissioned by the Welsh Office, who did not publish the findings. This text analyzes and interprets this research to produce a possibly controversial picture of contemporary rural life in the welsh countryside. This comprehensive view of post-war Welsh rural life looks at social and cultural issues, housing and social change, employment, incomes and poverty, transport, community and environment.

Cyflwyno'r Awdur(on)

Awdur(on): Paul Milbourne

Paul Milbourne is Professor of Human Geography in the School of Geography and Planning and the Head of School and Director of Cardiff University's Centre for Research on Environment, Society and Space.

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