Servants and the Gothic, 1764-1831

A half-told tale

Awdur(on): Kathleen Hudson

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Beirniadaeth Lenyddol

Cyfres: Gothic Literary Studies

  • Rhagfyr 2018 · 256tudalen · 216x138mm

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‘Servants and the Gothic offers a fresh, engaging perspective on the genre. By drawing attention to the liminal, often oppositional voices of servant characters in a range of novels, plays and bluebooks, it illuminates the Gothic’s narrative bricolage and its interrogation of established social and literary structures.’
-Dr Deborah Russell, University of York

‘Through a winning combination of painstaking research and insightful readings, Servants and the Gothic, 1764–1831 appraises the importance of the too-often ignored servant in the first wave of Gothic writing. Focusing upon both fiction and theatre, Hudson’s work delightfully supplies the other part of the “half-told tale”. For anyone interested in the rise of the Gothic in the eighteenth-century and Romantic novel, this book will be an essential read.’
-Professor Angela Wright, University of Sheffield


Introduction: Domestic invasion: A portrait of the Gothic servant narrator
Chapter One: Servant narrative and ‘new romance’
Chapter Two: Gothic Servants and socio-political identity
Chapter Three: Gothic spectacle and the ‘performing’ servant
Chapter Four: Redefining Gothic servants
Conclusion Mastering the Gothic servant narrative

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Kathleen Hudson

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