Spirituality in Ministerial Formation

The Dynamic of Prayer in Learning

Awdur(on): Andrew Mayes

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Crefydd

Cyfres: Religion, Education and Culture

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Dyma ymdriniaeth arloesol ag agwedd hollbwysig ar addysg ddiwinyddol. Mae’n olrhain gwraidd a datblygiad dulliau hyfforddi, ac yn ymdrin ag effaith hynny ar arferion presennol.


"Andrew Mayes's book is a treasure trove of insights for everyone involved in ministerial formation. It brings together a much-needed analysis of the concept of formation in different Church traditions and texts with an empirical study of perspectives from recently ordained ministers and college and course staff. His concluding recommendations are at once highly practical and deeply challenging; they should be studied carefully by anyone involved in planning programmes for Christian ministry. The book models the integration it commends of intellectual inquiry, practical engagement and prayerful reflection."--Jeremy Worthen, South East Institute for Theological Education


CONTENTS PREFACE INTRODUCTION PART 1 Formation Past & Present CHAPTER 1 Models of theological education in the first millennium CHAPTER 2 Models of theological education in the second millennium CHAPTER 3 The advent of the formation paradigm in Roman Catholic and Anglican traditions CHAPTER 4 Perspectives on formation in the Free Church and Orthodox traditions CHAPTER 5 Emerging themes, contemporary issues, research questions PART 2 The Role of Prayer in Formation: Findings and Reflections CHAPTER 6 Theological & empirical approaches to prayer CHAPTER 7 Life-giving waters: towards a pneumatology of formation CHAPTER 8 Dark Waters: formation, prayer & the experience of inner change CHAPTER 9 Meeting of waters: formation, prayer and theological knowing CHAPTER 10 Rivers in the desert: formation, prayer and post-modern mission PART 3 Possibilities for the Future CHAPTER 11 Benefits of the formation paradigm and proposals for renewed practice REFERENCES

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Andrew Mayes

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