Stephen King and American Politics

Awdur(on): Michael J. Blouin

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Beirniadaeth Lenyddol

Cyfres: Horror Studies

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‘Stephen King and American Politics provides the key for unlocking the political importance of Stephen King’s fiction. Through Michael Blouin’s perceptive analysis, this ostensibly apolitical fiction becomes the site for a completely unforeseen form of fictional politics that embraces the impossibility of its aims. This groundbreaking new book shows the possibility for reconceiving the politics of aesthetics through attention to how King’s narratives deploy the variegations of desire.’
-Professor Todd McGowan, University of Vermont, author of Capitalism and Desire: The Psychic Cost of Free Markets

‘At a time when political partisanship has America in lockdown, Blouin argues the persistence of ambivalence in American culture – he conjures our usual demons, and shows us how they refuse to be exorcised. This book is required reading not just for Stephen King’s politics, but for the contemporary Gothic altogether.’
-Emeritus Professor Steven Bruhm, Western University

‘King studies has evolved into a field that grows ever more populated and sophisticated because of work by young scholars such as Blouin, who reminds us that over five decades Stephen King has become so much more than America’s horrormeister. With this book, Blouin enters into the highest echelon of King’s critical interpreters.’
-Professor Tony Magistrale, University of Vermont


1.Prelude: The (Im)possible Politics of Stephen King’s Fiction
2.The Bachman Books and America’s Death Drive
3.King’s Cars and the Grinding Gears of Post-Fordism
4.Firestarter; Or, the Smelting of a Neoliberal Subject
5.IT, Individualism, and the Idea of Community
6.Interlude: The Langoliers and the Political Event
7.Human Capital in Rose Madder
8.Under the Dome and the Deteriorating Demos
9.The Outsider and the Shifting Shapes of Trumpism
10. Postlude: Revolutions of The Stand

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Michael J. Blouin

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