The Impact of Devolution in Wales

Social Democracy with a Welsh Stripe?

Golygydd(ion) Jane Williams,Aled Eirug

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Politics

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This volume reflects on two decades of Welsh devolution, and contributes to the debate on its significance and future course. Drawing on previously unpublished interviews undertaken by the late Professor Michael Sullivan with key protagonists in Welsh devolution, and with expert analysis from leading researchers in different disciplines and fields of policy, the book examines what has been described as the emergence through devolution of a ‘Welsh stripe’ in social democracy. While the volume editors conclude this epithet, coined by Professor Sullivan, is apt, this collection of essays also presents a complex, multi-faceted picture of the drivers of policy, of continuity from the pre-devolution era, as well as change driven by factors within and without Wales. A mixed picture emerges, featuring variously (and in various combinations of) boldness of ambition, distinctive ideological positioning, homegrown priority-setting, the frustrations of the devolution settlement, and adverse (arguably unfair) international comparisons.


Tables and illustrations
About the Contributors
Foreword by Prys Morgan
Preface and acknowledgements
Abbreviations and terms
Editors’ Introduction
Aled Eirug and Jane Williams
Chapter One The Sullivan Dialogues
Aled Eirug
Chapter Two Iechyd Da? Devolution and health care
Ceri J. Phillips
Chapter ThreeEducation in Wales since Devolution
David Egan
Chapter Four Economic Development in Wales: Evolution and Revolution
Gareth Davies
Chapter FiveWelsh Devolution and the Quest for Sustainable Development: Into a New Era
Terry Marsden
Chapter Six Civil Society, Equalities and Inclusion
Elin Royles and Paul Chaney
Chapter SevenThreads in Policy on Children and Young People: Rights, Welfare and Well-being
Jane Williams
Chapter Eight Towards a million speakers? Welsh language policy post-devolution
Huw Lewis and Elin Royles
Chapter NineWales and the World
Geraint Talfan-Davies

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