The Mentor’s Companion

A Guide to Good Mentoring Practice

Awdur(on): Rhianon Washington

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Cyfeirlyfrau Gwyddorau Cymdeithasol a'r Gyfraith

  • Chwefror 2018 · 144tudalen · 246x189mm

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‘This very useful book emphasises the skills and processes involved in mentoring and highlights aspects not previously covered. The chapters on toxicity and distal mentoring are particularly welcome. A must-read for all mentors.’

-Dr Elaine Cox, Oxford Brookes University

‘At last, a critical discussion of mentoring, including a range of models that readers from a wide range of organisations will find relevant and stimulating. Rhianon Washington provides clear and critical insights, including the powerful concept of toxicity and the use of distal approaches to mentoring that help to manage conflict when it occurs. Each chapter in this book concludes with some very helpful tips that readers will find useful when applying theory to practice.’

-Professor Emeritus Danny Saunders OBE, University of Wales Trinity Saint David


What is Mentoring?
Mentoring Skills: the Building Blocks
Mentoring Models
Toxic Mentoring
Mentoring Schemes
Distal Mentoring

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Rhianon Washington

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