The Theology of Griffith Jones and Religious Thought in Eighteenth Century Wales

Awdur(on) John Harding

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Welsh and Celtic Studies, Religion, History

  • Chwefror 2024 · 256 tudalen ·216x138mm

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This book discusses Griffith Jones’s High Church ministry and theology, which developed into mass evangelism in Wales. It considers Jones’s background, his life as a parson, preaching in Welsh and educational interests, as well as his determination to remain within the Church of England. Bishop George Bull’s concerns about evangelism, influence of the Prayer Book and Continental Pietism, ‘conversionism’, and the tendency to separatism are also discussed. Jones may not have been an original thinker, but he was an untiring communicator and organiser. There are sections on Jones’s catechising, ‘baptismal covenant’, and moderate Calvinism which influenced later Welsh Calvinistic Methodism. Jones’s advocacy of the Welsh language, especially with English donors to his schools, his links with the SPCK, and collaboration with gentry – especially Sir John Philipps and Bridget Bevan – show the effectiveness with which he managed the growing evangelical movement in Wales.


Chapter 1Griffith Jones in his Setting
Chapter 2Sir John Philipps, the SPCK and a New View of Mission
Chapter 3Bishop George Bull as Griffith Jones’s Mentor
Chapter 4Prayer-Book Roots of Griffith Jones’s Preaching
Chapter 5The Theology of Griffith Jones’s Preaching
Chapter 6Griffith Jones’s Moralism and Theology
Chapter 7Catechizing, Baptism, and the Trend Towards Evangelicalism
Chapter 8Griffith Jones’s Ministry and the Language
Chapter 9Griffith Jones’s Legacy to the Church of England in Wales

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