The World of the Newport Medieval Ship

Trade, Politics and Shipping in the Mid-Fifteenth Century

Golygydd(ion): Evan T. Jones Richard Stone

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Hanes

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Foreword (HRH The Prince of Wales)
List of Contributors
List of Figures/Illustrations
List of Tables
1Introduction (Evan T. Jones)
2The Newport Medieval Ship: Archaeological Analysis of a Fifteenth Century Merchant Ship (Nigel Nayling and Toby Jones)
3The Rise and Fall of the Big Ship, 1400-1520 (Ian Friel)
4Violence at Sea in the Late Fifteenth Century (Susan Rose)
5Newport During the Fifteenth Century (Bob Trett)
6Sailing the Severn Sea in the Mid-Fifteenth Century (Ralph A. Griffiths)
7The Severn Sea: Urban Networks and Connections in the Fifteenth Century (Peter Fleming)
8The Shipping Industry of the Severn Sea (Evan T. Jones)
9The Trading Context of the Newport Ship: The Overseas Trade of Bristol and its Region in the Mid-Fifteenth Century (Wendy R. Childs)
10Bristol’s Overseas Trade in the Later Fifteenth Century: The Evidence of the ‘Particular’ Customs Accounts (Richard Stone)
11The Iberian Economy and Commercial Exchange with Northwestern Europe in the Later Middle Ages (Hilario Casado Alonso and Flávio Miranda)
12Trade and Navigation Between the Atlantic and Mediterranean Worlds in the Mid-Fifteenth Century (Francesco Guidi-Bruscoli)

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