Urban Culture in Medieval Wales

Golygydd(ion) Helen Fulton

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Welsh Interest

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This collection of twelve essays describes aspects of town life in medieval Wales, from the way people lived and worked to how they spent their leisure time. Drawing on evidence from historical records, archaeology and literature, twelve leading scholars outline the diversity of town life and urban identity in medieval Wales. While urban histories of Wales have charted the economic growth of towns in post-Norman Wales, much less has been written about the nature of urban culture in Wales. This book fills in some of the gaps about how people lived in towns and the kinds of cultural experience which helped to construct a Welsh urban identity.


"... a volume full of paradoxes, surprises, and hard facts. A comprehensive account of how the small towns of medieval Wales digested multiple influences to generate urban cultures of remarkable sophistication and expressive power. Highly recommended." David Wallace, Judith Rodin Professor, University of Pennsylvania


Introduction: The Impact of Urbanization in Medieval Wales Helen Fulton 1 Who Were the Townsfolk of Medieval Wales? Ralph A. Griffiths 2 In Search of an Urban Identity: Aspects of Urban Society in Late Medieval Wales Llinos B. Smith 3 The Townscape, 1400 - 1600 Richard Suggett 4 Towns in Medieval Welsh Poetry Dafydd Johnston 5 Social Conflict in Welsh Towns c. 1280 - 1530 Spencer Dimmock 6 Anglo-Welsh Towns of the Early Fourteenth Century: A Survey of Urban Origins, Property-Holding and Ethnicity Matthew Frank Stevens 7 The Townswomen of Wales: Singlewomen, Work and Service, c. 1300 - c. 1550 Deborah Youngs 8 Castle and Town in Medieval Wales Dylan Foster Evans 9 The City of Chester in Gruffudd ap Maredudd's Awdl i'r Grog o Gaer Catherine McKenna 10 Fairs, Feast Days and Carnival in Medieval Wales: Some Poetic Evidence Helen Fulton 11 Entertainment and Recreation in the Towns of Early Wales David Klausner 12 The Welsh Diaspora in Early Tudor English Towns Peter Fleming

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Awdur(on): Helen Fulton

Helen Fulton is Chair and Professor of Medieval Literature at the University of Bristol.

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