Wales Unchained

Literature, Politics and Identity in the American Century

Awdur(on): Daniel G. Williams

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Gwleidyddiaeth Beirniadaeth Lenyddol Diddordeb Cymru

Cyfres: Writing Wales in English

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Am y llyfr

Cyfrol o feirniadaeth ddiwylliannol gan Daniel G. Williams yw Wales Unchained sy’n dadansoddi’r gwahanol ffyrdd mae awduron, gwleidyddion a deallusion Cymreig wedi diffinio eu hunain – ac wedi cael eu diffinio gan eraill – ers dechrau’r ugeinfed ganrif. Mae hiliaethu'r Cymry ym Mhrydain a’r Unol Daleithiau, a goblygiadau meddwl am hunaniaeth yn nhermau dosbarth, iaith, rhywedd ag ethnigrwydd ymhlith y pynciau a’u trafodir.


‘A dazzling read. Daniel G. Williams takes us on a tour which leads to fresh perspectives on Welshness. Familiar themes – language, society, cultural identity – are convincingly reworked. Familiar personalities – Dylan Thomas, Aneurin Bevan – are compellingly redefined. An invaluable guide to the making of the modern Welsh identity.’
–Huw Edwards, journalist, broadcaster and newsreader.

‘Wales Unchained is an attractive, remarkably well-informed and well-argued collection by one of Wales’s leading scholars in cultural criticism. This book breaks genuine new ground in Welsh and transatlantic studies, both in its approaches and in the depth and detail of its research. While the individual essays draw on a rich variety of theoretical material, the book wears its theory lightly and deserves a readership well beyond the academic world. Anyone interested in the pasts and possible futures of ‘Welshness’ should read this book.’
–Professor Tony Brown, Bangor University

‘If James Joyce believed that “the best road to Tara is through Holyhead”, then Daniel G. Williams shows how some of the best roads to Holyhead ran through transatlantic culture. Bringing postcolonial theory, multiculturalism and a series of deep contextual readings to bear on questions of Welsh identity, Williams traces with considerable verve how transatlantic crossings cleared spaces where class and culture, Labourism and nationalism, could meet. In this two-way flow, the complexities of Wales, at once inside and outside metropolitan British culture, also open up roads not taken in contemporary debates, challenging many received critical pieties regarding nation, globalisation and cultural identity.’
–Professor Luke Gibbons, National University of Ireland, Maynooth


1.The Lure of Race: Rhys Davies and D. H. Lawrence
2.Black and White: Boxing, Race and Modernity
3.Blood Jumps: Dylan Thomas, Charlie Parker and 1950s America
4.Class and Identity: Aneurin Bevan and Paul Robeson
5.To Know the Divisions: The Identity of Raymond Williams
6.American Freaks: Welsh Poets and the United States
7.Singing Unchained: Language, Nation and Multiculturalism

Cyflwyno'r Awdur(on)

Daniel G. Williams

Mae Daniel G. Williams yn Athro mewn Saesneg ac yn Gyfarwyddwr y Ganolfan Richard Burton ar gyfer Astudio Cymru ym Mhrifysgol Abertawe.

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