Welsh Ballads of the French Revolution

Awdur(on) Ffion Jones

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Welsh Interest, History

Cyfres: Wales and the French Revolution

  • Ionawr 2012 · 464 tudalen ·234x156mm

  • · Clawr Meddal - 9780708324615
  • · eLyfr - pdf - 9780708324622

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Casgliad o faledi Cymraeg a gyfansoddwyd yn ystod cyfnod hynod o bwysig yn hanes Ewrop. Mae'r testunau'n ymateb i derfysgoedd Ffrainc 1793-1815 ac yn canu am ymateb pobl gwledydd Prydain i drais y terfysgoedd.


The vibrancy and colour of the Welsh ballads of the French Revolution are brought to life in this ground-breaking anthology edited and translated by Ffion Mair Jones. Offering a detailed analysis of ballads responding to the upheavals of the French Revolution, this volume reveals how the traumatic events of the period were interpreted and presented to Welsh audiences at the time. Ffion Mair Jones argues that despite being overwhelmingly loyal to the British crown, these ballads are far from being monotonous in their conservatism and she uncovers the historical and contemporary impulses that encouraged loyalty and discouraged dissent among the popular poets of the day. By making these ballads accessible to a wider audience, this volume will shed new light on Welsh popular responses to the most dramatic and important event in eighteenth-century Europe. Dr Siwan Rosser, School of Welsh, Cardiff University


Introduction Responding to Revolution The Voices of Dissent: The ballads of south-west Wales (1793) 'Faithful Britons': The loyalist response (1793 - 4) The Fishguard Invasion (1797): Loyalty, identity and the hand of God Taking up Arms: Militia, volunteers and the army (1793 - 1815) War-reporting (1794 - 1815) The Duke of York (1793, 1794) The Glorious First of June and Cape St Vincent (1794, 1797) Nelson ballads (1805) Napoleon ballads (1812 - 15) Conclusion

Cyflwyno'r Awdur(on)

Awdur(on): Ffion Jones

Mae Dr Ffion Mair Jones yn Gymrawd Ymchwil yng Nghanolfan Uwchefrydiau Cymreig a Cheltaidd Prifysgol Cymru.

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