Gentility in Early Modern Wales

The Salesbury Family, 1450–1720

Awdur(on) Sadie Jarrett

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Welsh and Celtic Studies, History

Cyfres: Studies in Welsh History

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Early modern Wales was a place of opportunity for the gentry. The Acts of Union with England granted them powers to govern their local communities, the Reformation enabled them to add former monastic lands to their estates, and burgeoning global expansion encouraged them to seek fortunes abroad. Early modern Wales was also a place in transition. The gentry navigated a complex relationship with their English neighbours and found themselves cultivating a new identity as Cambro-Britons. This book is an exciting new study of how one Welsh gentry family, the Salesburys of Rhug and Bachymbyd, negotiated the changing expectations of gentility in early modern Wales. From this in-depth analysis, the book finds that the Welsh gentry were status-conscious and opportunistic, but Welshness remained fundamental to their sense of self. This is further enhanced by considering the early modern Welsh gentry within a wider global context for the first time.


A note on spelling
List of abbreviations
Genealogical tables
1. The Salesbury family
2. Territorial legitimacy
3. Networks of power
4. Culture, scholarship and religion
5. The wider world

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