Labour's Crisis

Plaid Cymru, the Conservatives, and the Decline of the Labour Party in North-West Wales, 1960-74

Awdur(on) Andrew Edwards

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Welsh Interest, History

Cyfres: Studies in Welsh History

  • Medi 2011 ·216x138mm

  • · Clawr Caled - 9780708324257
  • · eLyfr - pdf - 9780708324264

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Astudiaeth o newid gwleidyddol yn y Gymru fodern sy'n canolbwyntio ar yr her barahol y mae'r Blaid Lafur yn ei hwynebu yng Nghymru, yn enwedig fygythiad Plaid Cymru i'w goruchafiaeth ers canol y 1960au.


'This groundbreaking study, firmly grounded in the rich archival sources, printed material and personal interviews, greatly deepens our understanding of the seismic political transformation which occurred in Gwynedd in the 1960s and 1970s. During this crucial period Plaid Cymru rapidly grew in influence and soon came to supplant the Labour Party as the key political player. The book examines the politics of the parties and attempts an explanation as to why Plaid Cymru succeeded - perhaps agianst the odds. It certainly has a relevance and a resonance beyond Wales'. - Dr J. Graham Jones, Director of the Welsh Political Archive, the National Library of Wales "'Labour's Crisis' makes a significant contribution to British, and, as Edwards asserts in his closing paragraph, even international, political historiography. It provides a missing piece of a complex jigsaw puzzle. In so doing it enriches our understanding of the relationship between the 'centre' of the British state and its rural, linguistically and culturally distinct north-west Welsh 'periphery'. What Andrew Edwards has provided is an extremely valuable building block." Dr Martin Wright, Reviews in History

Cyflwyno'r Awdur(on)

Andrew Edwards yw Deon y Celfyddydau a'r Dyniaethau ac mae'n Uwch Ddarlithydd mewn Hanes Modern ym Mhrifysgol Bangor.

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