New Queer Horror Film and Television

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Cyfres: Horror Studies

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‘This new collection of essays contributes to the ever-expanding field of queer horror scholarship. Vampires, witches, werewolves, serial killers and more are examined within this relatively “out” era of LGBTQ+ representation, once again demonstrating how this protean genre continues to speak in fascinating ways to issues of gender and sexuality.’
-Professor Harry M. Benshoff, University of North Texas

‘As everyday life begins to resemble a horror movie for more and more people, so horror genres have had to shift and change to keep pace with the grotesqueries of the quotidian. In this exciting new volume edited and curated in imaginative ways, queer horror takes centre stage. While LGBTQ+ people have long played the monster in the horror genre, we can now look at horror from the perspective of those relegated to the monstrous margins. Ranging between new queer readings of old texts and analyses of aesthetic ruptures, this anthology can claim to offer a definitive look at a genre that has neatly taken aim at normal life.’
-Professor Jack Halberstam, Columbia University

‘The horror that dare not speak its name is now out and (sometimes) proud – sometimes tragic, sometimes transgressive and sometimes still problematic. New Queer Horror Film and Television is a diverse and timely collection that deftly examines the contemporary landscape of queer monstrosity in the horror genre.’

Dr Andrew Scahill, University of Colorado Denver


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Author Biographies
1: ‘My Brother’s Creeper’: Towards a Queer (Re-)Reading of Victor Salva’s Jeepers Creepers (2001) – John Edgar Browning
2: Queer Cult Performance: Recreating Rocky Horror in the Twenty-First Century – John Lynskey
3: Castrating the Queer Vampire in Let the Right One In (2009) and Let Me In (2010) – Darren Elliott-Smith
4: ‘Becoming Hannibal’: Identification and Transformation in Queer Horror Television – Ben Tyrer
5: ‘What happened to my sweet girl?’: Paranoid and Reparative readings of Queer Subjectivity in Black Swan (2010) and Jack and Diane (2012) – Robyn Ollett
6: ‘A Dream Within a Dream’: Children’s ‘Horror’ Television and Lesbianism in the World of Marceline the Vampire Queen – Simon Bacon
7: Abjection, Queer Bodies and Grotesque Doppelgängers in Jack and Diane and The Nature of Nicholas – Fernando Gabriel Pagnoni Berns and Mariana Zárate
8: At the Edges of (queer) Time and Space: Atemporality, Adolescence, and Abjection in Final Destination – Christopher Clark
9: ‘If you look in the face of evil, evil’s gonna look right back at you’: Anthologising Supernatural Sexualities on American Horror Story: Coven – Andrew J. Owens.
10: Like and Lycanthropy: The New Pack Werewolf According to Tyler, Tyler and Taylor – Tim Stafford
11: ‘Unspeakable Acts’: Coming Out as Werewolf – Lisa Metherell.
12: ‘Sisters United’: Feminist Nostalgia, Queer Spectatorship, and the Radical Witch Politics of Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem – Ben Raphael Sher
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