Wales and the Bomb

The Role of Welsh Scientists and Engineers in the UK Nuclear Programme

Awdur(on): John Baylis

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Gwyddoniaeth

Cyfres: Gwyddonwyr Cymru / Scientists of Wales

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‘John Baylis has already written extensively on the British nuclear programme. Now, in introducing us to the disproportionate number of Welsh scientists and engineers involved in the early bomb programme, he adds to the story a welcome and revealing human dimension.’
-Sir Lawrence Freedman, FBA, Emeritus Professor, King’s College London

‘Nuclear weapons pose difficult moral problems. They also involve complex scientific challenges. In this interesting study, John Baylis focuses on the role of scientists and engineers, mostly born and brought up in Wales, in the development of the British nuclear weapons programme over the past seventy years. It is a fascinating and surprising story.’
-Robin Williams, CBE, FRS, FLSW, Emeritus Professor, Swansea University

‘A foremost international authority on the history of nuclear weapons, John Baylis has produced an illuminating study of the role of Welsh scientists and engineers in the development of Britain’s atomic and thermo-nuclear weapons. Wales and the Bomb will prove of fascination for students of British nuclear history and for anyone interested in the cultural history of technology in Wales and Britain since the Second World War.’
–Len Scott, FLSW, Emeritus Professor, Aberystwyth University

'Baylis's erudite analysis of British nuclear policy makes the book valuable to a wide field of readers.'
- Choice Reviews


List of Illustrations
1. Introduction
2. Wales and the Wartime Origins of Atomic Energy
3. The UK Nuclear Programme in the 1940s to the 1960s
4. The Role of Welsh Scientists and Engineers in the Early UK Nuclear Programme
5. The UK Nuclear Programme from Chevaline to Trident
6. The Involvement of Welsh Scientists and Engineers in the UK Nuclear Programme from the late 1960s to the Present Day
7. Conclusions

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